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 Being charged with a crime can be devastating, and often comes with serious extra-legal repercussions on relationships, employment, finances, and mobility. At Sarah Terry Law, the focus is exclusively on criminal law and to help navigate people through the criminal justice system with both compassion and determination. 

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Facing criminal charges can be the most stressful and difficult moment of your life, and when it comes to making decisions on how to proceed time is of the essence.  You need a lawyer you can trust, and you need her fast.


Effective Communication and Understanding

 Many aspects of criminal law are complex with many possible outcomes. Understanding those possibilities and choosing the correct path forward is one of the most challenging things an accused person will face. I am committed to providing effective communication and guidance throughout the entire process, but most importantly, I will work with you to find the best possible solution. 


Focused on Results

 The first step is to gather all relevant information in order to develop a successful plan for achieving the best possible outcome for your case. All available avenues will be employed to secure the dismissal or reduction of any criminal charges against you. 

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Impaired Driving

Impaired driving laws have recently changed.  If you are facing charges relating to them you need to know your best course of action immediately.

Crimes of Violence

 Assault allegations and murder charges are often the most serious charges because they can carry severe sentences. They are also one of the most litigated charges in our justice system. Knowing and understanding the law is critical, as is hiring a trial lawyer with experience. 

Sexual Assault

 The stigma of sexual assault charges can make them the most stressful of all. With recent procedural changes meant to protect complainants, you need a lawyer who will fight for your right to fair trial. 

Youth Justice

 Charges under the Youth Criminal Justice Act can cause tremendous pressure for an entire family and have long lasting consequences for a young person. Knowing the intricacies of youth court is critical to keeping a young person without a criminal history.  

White Collar Crimes

 Breach of trust cases are treated as much more serious than “regular” thefts or frauds, and incarceration is almost always sought by the Crown. You need a lawyer with experience in both the law and business who can guide you through these complex cases properly. 

Traffic Offenses

 Whether your driver’s license is your livelihood, or you operate the family vehicle, a single conviction can have serious consequences to your livelihood and lifestyle. Hiring a professional to defend you is a smart choice. 

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